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Auto Card Acceptor


1 Overview

1.1 Application fields

This model is an automation equipment of high efficiency for card collection. It can be applied in card-involving consumption system, e.g. smart parking lot management system, smart card vending machine, certificate card issuance/verification system, etc.

1.2 Functions

If there is error alarming when no card in the card passageway in power on self test, then it is possible that the optocoupler is broken. Please contact us as soon as possible.

TYCR-1105, the card collector, will automatically feed in the card to the reading position and output an in place signal when a card insertion is detected. It will transmit the card to the bezel waiting for customer pulling out when receives card ejection commands; if no pulling out action in 10 seconds time out, card will be popped out of the bezel; when card capture commands are received, it will capture the card into the cabinet; if no signal received in certain period of time, the collector will withdraw the card to the bezel, in 10 seconds time out it will eject the card out of the bezel. In these processes, the collector will output error signal with buzzer toot alarm and flashing LED prompts if error occurs. In this situation, puling out the card will resume the collector into normal state.

2 Features

2.1 High reliability

Adopts industrial grade singe chip microcomputer (chip operational environmental condition -55125), built-in crystal oscillator and reset circuit, enables CPU extremely high anti-interference capability with high environmental adaptation.

With hardware watchdog, ensures high adaptive ability and power fail/low detection and protection ability.

Protection measures for input/output, ensures pure and reliable signal, meets the requirements of industrial grade product.

Long operation life, low noise motor with reducer casing, ensures quality and operation life of critical components.

Dual-wheel transmission avoids card deviation.

Spring tension creates transmission wheel positive direction pressure force, improves the fitness with different card thickness, efficiently avoids rubber deformation and aging.

Transmission wheel made of special type rubber with thermo stability and anti-aging feature.

2.2 Integration design with full functions

Reserve various custom appointed functions, e.g. loop detector input, preloading, limitless collection, etc.

2.3 Compact

Small and exquisite with electrostatic spraying surface processing craft, easy to install and transport.

2.4 High efficiency

All transmission components adopt micro-bearing coupling shaft/wheel mode, reducing motor noise and friction wear to maximum limit.

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