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1.1 Range of application:

This model is a highly efficient automatic equipment which can automatically issue/reclaim cards, can be applied to card consumption systemssuch as smart parking lotsmart card vending systemcard issuance/verification system.

1.2 Function

When it is power-on, TYCD-1500 will automatically detect all its photoelectric sensors, to detect whether the card is in pre-empty state or empty state(with alarming signal and buzzer output)and test the wayside inductor signal, key-press inputautomatically preset the card to the required position; dispense cards with high speed or safely capture the invalid cards according to the command of the system client-side.

After powering onif there are cards in the stack holderTYCD-1500 will automatically fill a card in the gap, and execute the command to transmit the card to the slot while a command of dispensing is receivedvia R/W the card to verify whether the card should be dispensed normally, if normal then wait for a client to extract the cardif the card hasn’t been extracted in a certain period of time then the card will be reclaimedif the equipment receives a level signal to reclaim during the waiting periodthen it will reclaim the card immediately.

During the process of filling/dispensing/reclaiming, if the card is deformed, stained or there is a local malfunctionthe dispenser will automatically adjust the card and have reciprocating-motions for five timesif still not right, it will stop all actionswait a next command or manual intervention while sending a error signal to client-sideat the same time the buzzer will buzz to alarm the error and the LCD will flash along.

When the card stack holder is in pre-empty stateTYCD-1500 will output a “short of cards” signal while the buzzer will be alarming with flashing LCD.

When there is no card in the cylinderTYCD-1500 will output a “empty”signal likewise.



2.1 Waterproof, dustproof and physical protection

   The malfunction caused by photoelectric position sensor being blocked by dust or the PCB got wet by water inflow is a frustrating problem to clients, thus leads to many disputes between clients and the final users. TYCD-1500 adopts a bidirectional waterproof card slot, a plastic dust-shield, a sealed card passageway and photoelectric position sensor to prevent outside dust, water, strong light from contaminating the sensor and the cards. In additionthe usually horizontally installed PCB panel is side laid against the equipment frame and protected by a protective cover eliminating the water leakage from card stack placed in rainy day and tremendously deducting the physical damages in the process of installation and transportation.

2.2 card stack holderthe card containersis removable

By pinching the metal plate with springs on both sides of the stack holder, it can be done to separate the card stack holder and equipment frameattentionwhen you separate the card containerdo not only hold the holderbecause the body is heavy and the holder will be deformed by pressure. The holder also can be easily installed by putting it to the desired location and gently press it downdone with a “crack”. The whole process is simple and easy to masteronly in real-time operation will user find a new way to add and take the card to facilitate the card recycle. Removable holder design is able to meet the need of some higher security occasion which requires the card cycle within the placesuch as large-scale pay parking lot, highway card issuance, self-service card vending/issuing, etc. The length of the removable stack holder can be customized at your willthus make it possible to meet clients’ needs of different card capacity.  In the process of installationconfined by the particular design of the cabinets and limited spacetraditional card dispenser is not convenient to installif the card holder can be removed and reinstalleddefinitely will largely improve the efficiency. In the process of transportation and installationthe separable design will save space and reduce the possibility of damages caused by improper transportation.

2.3 Compact size

It’s our pursuit to achieve all the functions in the smallest size. The concept of safe reclaiming is that if the card issued is not valid passing through the non-contact read-write module integrated, the equipment will execute the reclaiming action before the card exposing from the card slototherwiseit may be taken away by the nearby people. Our compact TYCD-1500 realizes the function in a small size.

2.4 Postposition of the card reclaiming bin

   The card reclaiming bin of traditional dispenser is in front of the equipmentwhile the card adding holder is at the rearas the general cabinets are backpulloutBPO designedit is inconvenient to add in and take out cards. The card reclaiming bin and the card stack holder of our TYCD-1500 are generally located in rearso it’s easier to perform these operations. Secondlythe card reclaiming capacity of TYCD-1500 is roughly twice as many as the traditional card dispenserif customer make a slight modification to the cabinet, it’ll be capable of large amount card reclaiming. Because TYCD-1500 has the feature that it can be used for reclaiming machine and the reclaiming bin is removablethus make it possible to conduct mass reclaiming.

2.5 Unique way of reclaiming

   When TYCD-1500 is reclaiming a cardit doesn’t depend on electromagnet pull but only by motorized transmissionthus makes the reclaiming process the most simple and the most reliable, tremendously cutting down the mechanical failure. Because of not using a reclaiming-oriented metal plate, thus greatly reduced the impact on non-contact card read-write process.

2.6 Slit is easy to adjust

The slit adjustment of traditional card dispenser can’t be quantified and difficult to master; the adjustment mainly depends on operator’s experience. Removable card holder makes adjustment visibleafter loosening two screwsScrewing  the other 2 with a screwdriver can achieve a quantitative adjustment. thus the users can handle such problems all by themselvesthe maintenance become more convenient.

2.7 Optimized the PCB design

   TYCD-1500 combined the traditional host control panel and photoelectric position sensor board into one PCBincreasing the area of PCB is more favorable to realize photoelectric isolation, motor controlling and other high power circuit functions, Reducing the badness caused by connectorimproving the conveniences of maintenance.

2.8 Feature setting is flexible

According to our salescustomers often want the machine to have two or more operating software, external dial-up of TYCD-1500 can meet this needs.

2.9 Integration of dispensing and reclaiming

Via the external dial-upTYCD-1500 can have the function of being reclaiming machine. As a reclaiming bin removable large amount cards Reclaimer has a broad application prospects.

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