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1 Overview

1.1 Application fields

   This product is a single color LED display which can be applied to smart parking system expenses hint or automatic call distributor system applied in banks or other over the counter business queue situations.

2 Features

2.1 High reliability

   TYLS-3H04 adopts industrial grade single chip microcomputer (operational temperature -15~+75), so the CPU of the LED has strong capacity of resisting environment disturbance, thus it can adapt to extreme environment conditions

5V and 9~24V overcurrent and overvoltage protection optional

All fonts display

Outdoor usage, high brightness, low power consumption, full screen display only needs 1.2A current supply

   Interface RS-232 or RS-485 selectable

   ф3/φ3.75 LED size, four/ five fonts display size selectable

   Font scrolling without tail trace double image, bright and clear

   Brightness can be customized, default as high-brightness for outdoor usage

   Maximum 4 addresses can be set by jumpers

   Red LED indicator on indicates normal power supply, green light flash around indicates receiving data

   Separate power supply and signal port

   Reset button design

2.2 Compactness

   TYLS-3H04 is small and exquisite, easy to deliver and install.

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