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1 Summary:

1.1 Application Fields:

This product is a kind of highly efficient automatic equipment. It is motorized and capable of magnetic card read only / contact logic encryption card and CUP card read-write, can be applied to card-involving consumption systems, such as telecom, bank, KOISK terminal, tax revenue system, refueling system, etc.

1.2 Function specifications:

CPU card: ISO7816 (T=0, T=1);

Logic encryption card: SLE4418/4428; SLE4432/4442; GPM8K/2K; ST14C02C;

Magnetic card: ISO7811 (read-only)

RF card: ISO14443-A (Mifare 1)

2 Features:

2.1 Front end magnetic shutter, preventing illegal operations, efficiently anti-interference;

2.2 Online updater (ISP function)

2.3 Motor drive ensures high success rate of card operation

2.4 Descending scratch-free IC card contactor design ensures an above 500,000 times operational life

2.5 With LED indicator

2.6 Compatible with various communication protocols

2.7 EMV certified

2.8 Lock-out cards and maintain configuration during power interruptions

2.9 PSAM board expandable

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