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1 Overview

1.1 Application fields

This product is a kind of highly efficient automation equipment for magnetic card read-only, contact logic encryption card and CPU card read-write; it can be applied to card-involving consumption systems, e.g. Telecom, banks, KOISK terminals, TAX charging, refueling system, etc.

1.2 Functions

CPU card: ISO7816 (T=0, T=1)

Logic encryption card: SLE4418/4428, SLE4432/4442, GPM8K/2K, ST14C02C

Magnetic card: ISO7811 (read-only)

Can be customized to support RFID card read-write: ISO14443-A (Mifare1)

2 Features

2.1 Efficient dustproof and anti-foreign body design.

2.2 Support online update (ISP function).

2.3 Motor driving ensures high success rate of card operations.

2.4 Descending scratch-free IC card contactor design ensures an above 500,000 times operational life.

2.5 Removable card stack holder, easy to use.

2.6 Switching power supply embedded.





1. Overview:

1.1 Application:

This machine is for contact chip/IC card auto issuance. The reading part can adopts standard IC read-write module of our company, also could be replaced by third-party IC card encryption module. It can be applied to IC card auto issuance systems, such as Telecom SIM issuance terminal, banks or agency certificate card issuance/validation system, power card issuance/registration/recharge self-service terminal, hotel room card auto-vending system and metro-card contact IC recharging system, etc.

1.2 Functions:

Automatically detects all photoelectric sensors, prompts card pre-empty and empty state with alerting signal and buzzer output, and supports multiple interfaces; automatically preloads card to the required position and performs high-speed dispensing and safe collecting likewise functions according to the commands sent by client side.

In the motions of preloading, dispensing and collecting, the issuing machine will automatically neaten the card and retry the processes for five times to achieve a successful operation if comes across failure because of deformed or stained card or the malfunctions of the machine itself; if still not right, the machine will stop all motions and wait for another commands from the controller or manual intervention while outputs error signals to the client side as the buzzer gives out toot alarm and LED flashes around.

If it is in short of cards in the stack holder, the buzzer will output toot alarm while the LED is flashing around.

If run out of cards in the holder, the buzzer will output toot alarm while the LED is flashing around.

The whole equipment can be divided into two parts, dispensing part and reading part respectively.

2 Features

  • Industrial grade single chip microcomputer with strong anti-interference capability adopted.
  • With hardware watch dog, strong adaptiveness and self-protection, power failure and power low detection ability.
  • Adopts upper and down wheel frictional force driving card transmission to adapt all kinds of deformed cards.
  • Dual-motor alternation design ensures long-term fault-free performance.
  • Use double reflection photoelectric sensor for empty state detection highlights the efficiency of card sensing.
  • Preloading design improves the efficiency of card issuing, greatly accelerates the feeding out speed.
  • Transmitting wheels made of special rubber with high thermostability and extremely anti-corrosion.
  • Parts in touch or in friction with cards made of stainless steel, wear-resisting and stainless.
  • Complete mould design of production highly ensures the product accuracy and quality coincidence.
  • Electrostatic spray surface processing crafts.
  • Compact and exquisite appearance facilitates transportation and installation.
  • Cascadable card stack holder design with maximum 500 pcs (0.8mm) capacity.
  • Adjustable feeding out slit supports card thickness range from 0.3mm to 2.0mm.
  • Safe collecting function avoids malicious card lost.
  • Able to dispense and collect various contact IC cards and process read-write task.
  • Support third party exclusive IC read-write module.
  • Auto collecting function is settable for malfunctions or card waiting time out in operation.
  • Provide handy customized service.





1 Overview

1.1 Application fields:

This model is an automated equipment of high efficiency for multiple IC card distribution. It can be applied in chip card-involving consumption system, Telecom & Bank self-service terminal, recharging kiosk, refueling system, etc.

1.2 Features

u      Support multiple cards, R&W almost all kinds of contact IC card;

u      Online ISP service facilitates development and updates;

u      With card collecting function;

u      Compact design with full functions;

u      Descending scratch free IC contactor design ensures 300, 000 passes working life.

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